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We make e-resources (e-books, e-journals, etc.) readily available for our users to enhance their information needs for the purpose of research. we also render online registration, use of computers, printing services, photocopying, document scanning, e-mail etc. to satisfy the needs of our users.


We offer a fast and reliable internet connectivity for users willing to browse the internet, also we have high number of effective computers which can serve hundreds of user without having to wait on the queue. With our internet, you are guarantee of getting all your downloads within limited time, website loads within microseconds.


You can consult us for services outside the library such as, educational programs on the e-library, development of a professional website, Vsat Installation, design and installation of library management software, computer repairs, printer and photocopying machine services and repairs and many more.

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What Do We Provide You?

Book Borrowing, reference and Bibliographic Services

The library offers its users opportunity to borrow books from the library for their use which is to be returned at an agreed term. Also reference service are offered to users at the reference desk for any assistant

Inter-library Lending, Referral and Offsite Library Services

The library extends their services to other library by lending them books, journals, periodical, etc. for users with referral, the library also gives them attention to whatever services they need

Course Book Reserve Services, Internet and Database Searches

We have a high speed internet connectivity to assist users in going online for their searches, the library is also subscribed to numerous databases to enhance user productivity in the searches and research

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i really enjoyed making research with your website, it serves me better than i could have ever imagined. thanks

Abubakar Hamidu

I got all my information needs on this website, it has really helped me for my research works….keep the good work going, i rate you the best library that meet users needs in this part of our country.

Omoniyi Lara

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On Saturday May 13th , three suicide bombers penetrated into the university but was unsuccessful with their mission as the […]

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